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‘Arty Farty’ by Thomas Klementsson

ARTY FARTY / MARTIN BERGSTRÖM from Thomas Klementsson on Vimeo.

Director: Thomas Klementsson

Edit: Johan Lidman

Kenneth Kvarnström´s dance company
Misa Lommi
Robert Malmborg
Richard Cilli
Jyrki Kasper
Sophie Augot
Janne Marja-aho
Pär Andersson

FREEZE FRAME – “Desert Storm”

Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_01 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_02 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_07 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_08 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_10 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_12 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_13 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_15 Justin Frost_Desert Storm_Web_16

‘Jumper’ by Justin Anderson

Jonathan Saunders ‘Jumper’ from BOLD on Vimeo.

Jumper’ is a short film written and directed by Justin Anderson, It tells the story of a bourgeois European family whose lives are invaded by an enigmatic visitor. Set within a 20th century modern villa in Spain, his presence creates an unnerving effect.

The film, winner of the Best Music Prize, silver prize Best Fashion and gold prize Best Cinematography at Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014, was produced to coincide with the the 10 year anniversary of British fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders. Jonathan is incredibly passionate about film and it often serves as a starting point for a collection, in this instance the collection was the starting point for the film.