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Hasta Mañana by NIKKO – Directed by Justin Frost

New Obsessions – Dance Duo AyaBambi

Madonna by Alas & Piggott for Interview Magazine

20141201-pictures-madonna-interview-magazine-alas-piggott-spread-15 madonna-lingerie-shoot-interview-magazine06 20141201-pictures-madonna-interview-magazine-alas-piggott-spread-12 20141201-pictures-madonna-interview-magazine-alas-piggott-spread-10 20141201-pictures-madonna-interview-magazine-alas-piggott-spread-01

We’d like to congratulate our client and friend, V. Bozeman, on the success of her new video, Race Jones, and her recurring role on Fox’s new hit series, Empire.

DIE ANTWOORD – ‘Ugly Boy’ featuring Cara Delevingne, Dita von Tesse, Marilyn Manson, Jack Black, Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist Flea

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FREEZE FRAME – Milan Christopher by Justin Frost

Justin Frost_Milan Christopher_4Justin Frost_Milan Christopher_3Justin Frost_Milan Christopher_1Justin Frost_Milan Christopher_2

FREEZE FRAME – Neon Trees Frontman ‘Tyler Glenn’ for GT Mag

Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_01 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_04 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_05 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_06

FREEZE FRAME – Recording artist ‘V Bozeman’

Justin Frost_V_05 Justin Frost_V_06

Brooke Candy – Opulence – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs

FREEZE FRAME – “Cee lo Green & Goodie Mob” by Justin Frost Photography

Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_01 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_02 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_03 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_04 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_05