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FREEZE FRAME – “V Bozeman” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_34

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“Opulence” by Brooke Candy

FREEZE FRAME – “Illusionist” by Justin Frost

Recently, Justin Frost Studio teamed up with Specular Theory to do a virtual reality fashion shoot. When you put on their goggles, you can look around as if you are on set with us shooting. This is amazing technology and had a blast working with them. These are the images that were taken that day. Go to www.speculartheory.com to see what they are about.

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_01Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_13

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_12Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_05

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_11

Justin Frost_The Illusionist_Web_02

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_08

Fabric Horizontal_Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_07

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_01


Hasta Mañana by NIKKO – Directed by Justin Frost

FREEZE FRAME – ‘Psychedelic Furs’ by Justin Frost

Photographer: Justin Frost

Model: Kiara and Karamo Brown

Designer: Donato Crowley

Make-up: Alex Mayo

Justin Frost_Psycedelic Furs_Web_01 Justin Frost_Psycedelic Furs_Web_02 Justin Frost_Psycedelic Furs_Web_03 Justin Frost_Psycedelic Furs_Web_06 Justin Frost_Psycedelic Furs_Web_07

Brooke Candy – Opulence – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs