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Beginnings from Suitcase Magazine

BEGINNINGS from SUITCASE Magazine on Vimeo.

“Before this time began, there was no earth and no space between. A vast dark ocean washed upon the shores of nothingness and kissed the edges of the night.”

Presented by SUITCASE Magazine // SUITCASEmag.com
Produced by Magna Carta Media // MagnaCarta.tv

BEGINNINGS // Behind The Scenes – vimeo.com/suitcasemagazine/beginningsbts


Written + Directed by // Matthew K. Firpo
Produced by // Maximilian Guen
Executive Produced by // Serena Guen & Maximilian Guen
Production, SUITCASE // Tona Stell

Featuring // Natasha Ramachandran
The Storyteller, Voiceover // Swayam Bhatia

Cinematographer // Jake Saner
Editor // Stephen Michael Simon
Original Score + Sound Design // Maximillien Letaconnoux & Pascal Bonifay, BOD NYC, AOC Paris (BodProd.com)

Fashion Direction + Styling by // Aimee Croysdill (AimeeCroysdill.com)
Make-Up by // Shriya Pardal
Hair Styling by // Natasha Singh Bissau
Key Production Assistant // Ulysses Mendonca
Post-Production Assistant // Rosanna Bach