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FREEZE FRAME – Hair by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Hair_Web_03 Justin Frost Hair_Web_05F

FREEZE FRAME – “Hair” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_43

FREEZE FRAME – “V Bozeman” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_34

FREEZE FRAME – Gigi Gorgeous for Kode Mag – By Justin Frost

Recently, we had the opportunity to photograph YouTube celebrity and make up artist Gigi Gorgeous for Kode Magazine. Yesterday, the 24 year old was detained in Dubai at the airport for being transgender. “Imitation of women by men” under the “indecent acts” law in Dubai can be publishable through fines, jail time or deportation. In her words posted to instagram, “I am now on my way somewhere much more accepting.”

Here are the images from our shoot with her for Kode Mag.

Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_01 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_02 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_04 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_05 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_07 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_08

FREEZE FRAME – “Sarah Stage” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_60 Justin Frost Photography_Web_61 Justin Frost Photography_Web_62 Justin Frost Photography_Web_63 Justin Frost Photography_Web_64EZ

FREEZE FRAME – “Milan Christopher” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_30 Justin Frost Photography_Web_31 Justin Frost Photography_Web_32 Justin Frost Photography_Web_33

FREEZE FRAME – “Psychedelic Furs” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_03 Justin Frost Photography_Web_04 Justin Frost Photography_Web_05 Justin Frost Photography_Web_06 Justin Frost Photography_Web_07 Justin Frost Photography_Web_08

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FREEZE FRAME – “Illusionist” by Justin Frost

Recently, Justin Frost Studio teamed up with Specular Theory to do a virtual reality fashion shoot. When you put on their goggles, you can look around as if you are on set with us shooting. This is amazing technology and had a blast working with them. These are the images that were taken that day. Go to www.speculartheory.com to see what they are about.

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_01Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_13

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_12Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_05

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_11

Justin Frost_The Illusionist_Web_02

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_08

Fabric Horizontal_Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_07

Justin Frost_Illusionist_Web_01


FREEZE FRAME – “Fatal Attraction” by Justin Frost

_DSC9358 _DSC9401_ _DSC9553 _DSC9591 _DSC9661 _DSC9705 _DSC9778