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Landscapes – Tim Labenda – AW15/16 from Maison Vignaux

Landscapes – Tim Labenda – AW15/16 from Maison Vignaux on Vimeo.

WINNER Best visual effects LondonFFF
WINNER Best visual effects AustralianFFF
WINNER Best editing SantiagoFFF
NOMINEE Best director LondonFFF
NOMINEE Bokeh South Africa FFF

A creative take on the theme of nostalgia.
For Tim Labenda AW15/16 collection

Director / edit / post : Damien Vignaux
assisted by : Jacqueline szymczak
Original music : Funkstörung (Michael Fakesh and Chris de Luca)
Producer : annika lange for DOITY
Voice Over : Valentine Romanski
Gaffer : Oliver Schorch
Electrician: Toni Schultz
AC : Giovanni Zeitz
Runner : Mattias Kirsche

Wardrobe : Tim Labenda
Styling : Sophia Schwan
MAKE-up artist : yvonne wengler using mac and dermalogica
assistant : velta berzina

Models :
Veranika Tsybulskaya (m4)
Maria Motes (izaio)

FREEZE FRAME – Hair by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Hair_Web_03 Justin Frost Hair_Web_05F

Harper’s Bazaar UK July 2016 Hollie May Saker by Agata Pospieszynska

Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-1-3Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-1-2 Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-2 Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-7 Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-10 Harpers-Bazaar-UK-July-2016-Hollie-May-Saker-by-Agata-Pospieszynska-12

Photography: Agata Pospieszynska
Styled by: Charlie Harrington
Hair: Kota Suizu @Caren
Makeup: Ciara O’Shea / LGA
Casting: Megan McCluskie
Retouch: Karolina Koza-Marasek
Model: Hollie May Saker

Le Fix – SS15 from Lasse Martinussen

LE FIX – SS15 from Lasse Martinussen on Vimeo.

FREEZE FRAME – “Hair” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_43

Numéro Russia July 2016 Mia and Nastya by Francesco Vincenti

Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-1 Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-2 Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-3 Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-4 Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-7 Numero-Russia-July-2016-Mia-and-Nastya-by-Francesco-Vincenti-10

FREEZE FRAME – “V Bozeman” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_34

Vogue China August 2016 Vanessa Moody by Camilla Akrans

Vogue-August-2016-Vanessa-Moody-by-Camilla-Akrans-1 Vogue-China-August-2016-Vanessa-Moody-by-Camilla-Akrans-1-2 Vogue-China-August-2016-Vanessa-Moody-by-Camilla-Akrans-2 Vogue-China-August-2016-Vanessa-Moody-by-Camilla-Akrans-3

FREEZE FRAME – Gigi Gorgeous for Kode Mag – By Justin Frost

Recently, we had the opportunity to photograph YouTube celebrity and make up artist Gigi Gorgeous for Kode Magazine. Yesterday, the 24 year old was detained in Dubai at the airport for being transgender. “Imitation of women by men” under the “indecent acts” law in Dubai can be publishable through fines, jail time or deportation. In her words posted to instagram, “I am now on my way somewhere much more accepting.”

Here are the images from our shoot with her for Kode Mag.

Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_01 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_02 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_04 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_05 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_07 Justin Frost_GIGI_KODE_WEB_08

Dries Van Noten – “High Tide” from Albert Moya

Dries Van Noten ~ High Tide from Albert Moya on Vimeo.