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North District 51.5440 N -0.1027 W from Nicolas Heitz

NORTH DISTRICT 51.5440 N -0.1027 W from Nicolas Heitz on Vimeo.

Andreas Ortner shoots for Dolce Vita magazine December 2016

dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-1-2 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-1 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-2 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-3 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-5 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-6 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-7 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-9 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-10 dolce-vita-magazine-december-2016-by-andreas-ortner-11

Le Fix – SS15 from Lasse Martinussen

LE FIX – SS15 from Lasse Martinussen on Vimeo.

Dries Van Noten – “High Tide” from Albert Moya

Dries Van Noten ~ High Tide from Albert Moya on Vimeo.

Ominous from Kai Dunkel


Camera: Jens Wirtzfeld
Music & Sounddesign: Stefan Hoffmeister
Hair: Andreas Weiss
Make-Up: Mandy Köhn
Model: Sasha Marini & Dominik Berberich

FREEZE FRAME – “Milan Christopher” by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Photography_Web_30 Justin Frost Photography_Web_31 Justin Frost Photography_Web_32 Justin Frost Photography_Web_33

To all our Friends!

Happy Holidays

“Opulence” by Brooke Candy

Wan Hung Cheung SS15

Wan Hung Cheung // SS15 from Kajetan Plis on Vimeo.

FREEZE FRAME – “HOT MESH” by Justin Frost

Photographer: Justin Frost www.justinfrostphotography.com

Hair/Make-up: Ricardo Ferrise

Wardrobe: Cosmo and Nathalia

Justin Frost_Hot Mesh_Web_04 Justin Frost_Hot Mesh_Web_05 Justin Frost_Hot Mesh_Web_08 _DSC6486